Adventure Quest Cheats 2013- New Cheat Codes and Tools

Adventure Quest Cheats 2013 interface is so easy to use, all you have to do is run the software and click buttons, let’s take a look the the Adventure Quest Cheats 2013 on character stats hack.  What you can do here is modify your character stats and even exceed the maximum allowed stats on the game, like Strength (STR)- if the allowed maximum Strength is 255, you can go beyond it by changing the value as shown on the image below, which means you could go 4 x the maximum allowed value in the game. This only says one thing, super powerful character. You could slay the toughest opponent you will ever face unarmed. ^_^

Adventure Quest Cheats 2013 Screen Shot 1

Adventure Quest Cheats 2011

Adventure Quest Cheats Code - Hack Interface -- Change Stats and Items

On the Adventure Quest Cheats Code interface below, you can change your equipped items, and you can choose through the box, scroll through the items and pick the best for your character, most of the rare and hard to find items are included in the list so you will have a lot of options to select from. You may try several items and settle to what you think is the best. Click the save button when you are done.

Adventure Quest Cheats 2013 Screen Shot 2

Adventure Quest Cheats Screen Shot 2

Adventure Quest Cheats Code- Enables you to choose items you want

Adventure Quest Cheat Codes User Instructions:

  1. Download the Cheat Software
  2. Run the game
  3. Activate the Cheat Software
  4. Set your character stats and choose your items and click save
  5. Go back to the game and Enjoy.

So there you have it a brief and complete run down to what the Adventure Quest Cheats 2013 Software is all about, it’s so easy to use even a monkey could do it. You no longer have to spend hours and even days making your character strong, with this software you can start conquering the toughest of opponents and monsters their is in the game. Be sure to drop a comment below and tell us how this piece of software is doing for you.


Due to popular demand and request, the coders have reprogrammed the cheat tool and put all features on a trainer. There was a complete list of all the changes made, and the feed back of the gaming community is superb which means you will have a great time using the trainer. To make it short the Adventure Quest Cheats 2013 tool is now officially replaced  by a trainer. Features such as character stats and items editor has now been perfected and will not let your game hang once you click the save button which did happen on some occasions using the old cheat tool. By the way, the release was just happened on the first week of September this year, it took couple of months for this awaited version but it did live up with its expectations. Now it’s time to rule once again over the foul monsters of the game, re equip your characters with all the latest and rarest and of course most powerful items on the game that suits your taste and embark on yet another journey to finish all the quest where you have failed before. This trainer is a must for maximum gaming experience. Thumbs up for this.

Visit the Adventure Quest Traine 2013 Official Download Page.

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