Newly Released Café World Cheats 2011 with Proof

Cafe World Cheats 2011 Tool can give you so much fun while playing the game. I remembered staying late at night without even noticing it. Anyway, how would you like to have unlimited coin or cash in game? Just imagine what you can do with flowing coins and cash on the game. That’s exactly what the tiny program can do. I enjoyed the game so much that I’ve been playing it since it came out and till today, specially that I have the tool that can give me unlimited coins and stuff. Café world is the fifth most played facebook game and currently have 16.5 million monthly players online.  Use cafe cash to expand your cafe, unlock exclusive decorations & more.

Cafe World Cheats 2011 Tool Interface

Cafe World Cheats 2011 Tool Interface

So what exactly does it do? Well, it is a way to cheat in cafe world without using cafe world codes. The tool can do a lot of things and has the following features listed below. Take a look at what this tiny tool can give you and make your gaming experience a quality time. Below is a proof that it works, look at the millions of coins in there, and with 55,377 cash, what else can you ask for? This has totally change the way i other played this game, it got rid of the repetitive cycle of earning coins and cash, now all you have to do is build and design. Isn’t that great!

Proof that it does really Work

Cafe World Cheats 2011 Proof it works

Features of the program:

  • literally gives you millions of coins to spend
  • well, you can buy all the premium stuff in the game. Unlock or activate the features that needs café cash.
  • unlimited items – never ever run out of everything
  • Café World Speed Cheat – tired of slow motion action? Activate the speed cheat and make everything really fast.

There you go, you now have a complete idea of what the cafe world cheats 2011 tool can do. It’s time to enjoy playing the game with all the items you wanted, all the coins and cash you ever need. Seriously, you will be playing for hours and enjoying every minute of it. Very easy to use, all you have to do is run the tool, set your preferences and activate. Go back to your game and you’ll be shocked in awe. That’s it, enjoy the game and share it to your friends.

Cafe World Cheats 2011 Tool

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Madeline June 23, 2011 at 10:59 pm

I thought this is a joke, i downloaded it and it made me 30M coins and 8,000 cash. Keep it up.

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