DragonFable Trainer Download 2011

DragonFable Trainer Download 2011 is here and free to avail, from now on you, as a DragonFable Hero will no longer have to suffer the bitterness of defeat, and the tiring experience of repetitive grinding to obtain a level. With the all new and improved tool, you can boost your character’s STATS, making a weakling character into a super killing machine. You no longer have to hunt for items for hours. You can have all you have dreamed with this and rest assured that everything will be safely delivered to your character. Best software ever for this game, many have tried to replicate this since the patching of cheat engine but was not able to come up with a working one, well the best thing is we have it all figured out and now releasing to the public.

So how does it work, well it’s simple, you will be given the ability to change or modify your STR, END, LUCK or all of the attributes as you wish. You will have the best items in the game and you can enjoy slaying high level monsters and enemies you may encounter, or you could choose to hunt them down.
DragonFable Trainer Download 2011

DragonFable Trainer 2011 user Interface

DragonFable Trainer Download 2011
DragonFable Trainer Download 2011 Interface


  1. Character Stats Hack- Change your Character Stats to high values
  2. Change your currently equipped items, choose from A-Z
  3. More Features on the next update.

I can’t elaborate all of the wonderful features through this post, but will be doing a comprehensive post about the best once i’m done organizing the other tools being offered in this website. So in case you are wondering about how to run the trainer once you have it, the below tip will clear it up for you.

System Compatibility for DragonFable Trainer 2011

No known issues, compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (all version)

Keep visiting for more updates on the program. This is just a version of the many to come DragonFable Cheats


Please use the trainer in moderation as to not spoil the exciting part of the game. DragonFable is one of the most engaging and exciting online game out there so a word of caution, use it on moderation to prolong the excitement and wonderful experience you as a player will get from the game. Tough it maybe tempting to over use the tool at times, we never heard negative feedback from the users and that is good news.

DragonFable Trainer 2011 Update Info as of September 2011

  • The trainer now completely support all classes.
  • Bugs have been fixed and browser compatibility applied.
  • More items added on list including the latest updates on the game.

You can click the button below for the DragonFable Trainer Download

DragonFable Trainer Download 2011

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Mark Steven February 25, 2011 at 2:57 am

this makes sense, after cheat engine has been patched

Michael July 2, 2011 at 3:07 pm

Dragon Amulet, Finally. Thanks to this trainer.

gamehack September 11, 2011 at 1:57 am

Good news guys, the trainer has been finally updated and it now seamlessly support all classes. You can enjoy better killing spree with this now. Chow!

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