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Free Runescape Accounts 2011 give away, me and my clan has decided to give out our accounts, this are very good accounts by the way, we wanted to start fresh in Runescape. Below you can see all the account details and a bit of screenshot for each account. Me and my clan had a really good time with these characters, but time comes that we have to give it to other players and start new.

If you are planning to buy accounts, just drop it because you can get it here, no money to be spent, all we ask is to take good care of it and enjoy the world of runescape as much as we did. Most of the accounts have level higher than100, this saves you time, effort and money. Now all you have to do is grind more, or use this accounts gathering new stuff that you like, anyway scroll down to see details.

Free Runescape Accounts 2011 for give away:

Update: Today’s Give Away Still Unclaimed Plus 10 New Accounts:

The best account to this series of giveaways is the level 131 with almost maxed out level on all areas.
Get all the accounts info on a single text file download. Below are the screen shots of  all characters included.

Free Runescape Accounts Download

Free Runescape Account Level 131

Free Runescape Account Level 131

What’s included on the package:

  • Level 72

It comes with a STR of 99, Attack of 60, 1 Def and a total level of 518
Awesome for pking in both f2p and p2p

  • Level 83

This has acceptable STR of 78, Attack of 71, 45 Def and a total level of 771

  • Level 91

A little bit higher than the above stats  STR of 73, Attack of 70, 70 Def and a total level of 1068

  • Level 99

STR of 84, Attack of 86, 72 Def and a total level of 1426

  • Level 102

A very good stat, STR of 91, Attack of 85, 70 Def and a total level of 1082

  • Level 105

The character has a STR of 92, Attack of 81, 80 Def and a total level of 1693

  • Level 110

This is the second best with STR of 99, Attack of 90, 75 Def and a total level of 1805

Below  is another great screenshot of the top Free Runescape Accounts 2011 account in the giveaway pack. I hope you enjoy all of this and have a good time playing, i know most of those who look for accounts are either hacked or just starting out and wanted a good build. You have plenty to choose from, approximately ten giveaway each day, so if you are not lucky enough today, then you can comeback tomorrow for another set of freebies. We do hope we get better donations from the veterans who are already retiring from runescape.

Free Runescape Account Level 110

To download all the account details, click on the button below.

Free Runescape Accounts Download

As you can see these accounts are very good and well built for specific to general purpose. The highest so far is level 131  with the highest total level of 2067. It currently has 10k gold, but you could always use the runescape gold generator to obtain gold, leveling up is harder and requires tremendous patience and time. Keep visiting us for new Free Runescape Accounts give away.

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